Branded Arctic Acres was established in 2018 upon the arrival to Alaska from our move from North Carolina where were were formerly known as Sweet Ride Stables. The Army brought us here and All 10 horses made the long journey north to Alaska where we have laid our roots again, permanently. It has taken us a few years to transform our property into a location that is acceptable to offer lessons and the many equine activities we are involved in.
We strive to provide others with the knowledge and fundamentals of horsemanship in a calm, relaxed, relationship building way. Our training program is based off of over a decade of handling and gentling wild mustangs and even longer (over 20 years) of being engaged with various equine activities.
Today we focus on building partnerships with our equine family. Learning to read and understand what the horse is teaching us and communicating to us plays a large role in how we approach our horse activities.
We are currently offering a variety of opportunities and experiences to be part of.  
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