Branded Arctic Acres Riding Academy Program Options

Mini Bucket: $250 per month

Little Breeches 25-30 minute (saddle time) weekly lesson. Perfect for ages 4-8, kids get a "leg-up" in the horse world before they are big enough to pilot a pony solo. This is a group session where parent and kid learn together! This is strictly a leadline lesson. This also includes 1 unmounted horsemanship meeting a month.

Bucket A: $275 per month

Weekly 25-30 minute  (saddle time) private lesson and 2 unmounted horsemanship classes monthly. This package is perfect for new students wanting one-on-one instruction. Whether you have never met a horse, or want to brush up on some skills before joining a group lesson, this is our most popular bucket for our independent riders.

Bucket B: $375 per month

Weekly 45-60 minute (saddle time) semi-private riding lessons and 2 unmounted horsemanship classes monthly. Riders will be grouped into appropriate age and skill levels. This is a great option for those who are looking to really get more time in the saddle who are limited on their days available. 

Bucket C: $650 per month

Two weekly 45-60 minute (saddle time) semi-private lessons and 2 unmounted horsemanship classes monthly. Riders will be grouped into appropriate age and skill levels and will also change horses as necessary to encourage growth and confidence. This bucket is for the serious rider looking to advance their skills both in and out of the saddle. This bucket is perfect for the equestrian who is looking to compete.

Academy Monthly Tuition Buckets also include: 

~Unmounted horsemanship meetings (frequency depends on Program Bucket).

~Weekly Equestrian Fitness class in our “barn gym”

~Access to clients-only Facebook group for insider information, tips, training solutions, and live videos of your riding lessons

~Unlimited lesson auditing

~Preferred pricing on additional services (coaching, trailering, clipping, braiding)

~Quarterly goal setting meeting with trainer

~Level testing program that progresses in riding and horsemanship skills. Each membership bucket includes the level testing program to move all riders through the levels at their own pace. 

~Access to our wonderful amenities include:  Keurig station (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), Wi-fi, beverage cooler, cozy seating.

What are the BRANDED ARCTIC ACRES Levels?

We offer a number of levels to progress through in your equestrian riding progression. Below are the levels that you will work through, If you are determining your skill level for your Branded Arctic Acres Rider Profile, we hope you find this chart helpful in your self- assessment. These levels based on the english style of riding. 

  • Rainbow Level: for the Little Breeches is geared towards 4-8 year olds, who are not yet able to ride and care for a horse independently. Rainbow Level riders ride on the leadline, or with a “Ground Buddy” walking close by, to ensure their safety and control. They may require help with tasks such as leading and grooming, as well as the simple reading and writing required to complete the Level
  • LEVEL 1 (New Rider): Minimal to no riding or horsemanship experience.
  • LEVEL 2 (Novice): A novice rider has cantered but not regularly and is confident to learn more. They can post on the correct diagonal at rising trot. They are able to mount safely and to control a horse at a walk and trot. Primarily only riding in controlled settings (ie Indoor arena) or on walking trail rides with a leader.
  • LEVEL 3 (Intermediate): Intermediate riders are at ease at 3 gaits (walk, rising trot and controlled canter). The intermediate rider is able to mount and dismount their horse unassisted, use standard english riding aids, ride at a rising trot for at least 10 minutes, to change and control the pace from a walk to a trot and comfortably canter over short distances. Has experienced some riding outdoors in open space. Intermediate riders have ridden in lessons and trained in the past 6 months to meet all the above requirements.
  • LEVEL 4 (Advanced Intermediate): Advanced Intermediate riders are comfortable with all 3 gaits and can change directions in all gaits. Understands the use of leg aids and rides with confidence over poles and crossrails. Can determine distances and paces to jumps and poles. Can trot over a course of crossrails and do simple changes when cantering. This level rider has been riding in lessons and trained in the past year to meet all the above requirements. 
  • LEVEL 5 (Experienced): Experienced riders have mastered all 3 paces (walk, rising trot and canter in a forward/ half seat). Rider is comfortable in open spaces, over uneven terrain and has experienced the gallop. The experienced rider rides regularly, has a strong seat and is confident of their own ability. They are able to control the horse at speed and change direction of their horse at any pace and in any circumstance as needed. They are also confident over small jumps and on a variety of horses.
  • LEVEL 6 (Advanced): Advanced riders have mastered all 4 paces (walk, rising trot, canter and gallop in a forward seat) over uneven terrain on all types of horses including those that are very spirited or difficult to handle at times. The advanced rider rides regularly, has good physical fitness, has good soft hands and has the ability to gallop for long stretches without getting tired. This rider understands how to read their horse and adjust their riding accordingly. Advanced riders are comfortable leading other riders, assisting other riders, going after loose horses in the event of a fall and are hyper vigilant to their surroundings. 


Please don't hesitate to let us know if you’d like to explore advancing in level, trying new rides or different disciplines. BAAEC is here to safely support equestrians on their riding journey and encourages riders to try a variety of riding styles and training to become well rounded, multi-disciplinary riders. 


 This is for a free trial lesson! Great to see if this is the place you would like to start or continue your equestrian adventures! This is also a great way to see if kids are interested in joining our horse riding academy! The trial lesson also allows us to determine the level of riding and help you decide which bucket fits best!! We can't wait to meet new faces! This is a 1 time trial lesson, after which you will be required register for a monthly membership. To schedule, please use the link above that takes you to our Calendly page.